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coverYou can order the Life Balance book from Amazon HERE. It is ready to ship worldwide, wherever you are. 

If you are in the Edmonton, AB, Canada area and would like to grab a book from me directly, save on the shipping, just go to the contact page and leave me a message. I would be more than willing to personally deliver a copy to you.

Thank you!!!

Life Balance – Kindle Version

coverIf you would like a Amazon Kindle version of Life Balance, you can order that HERE. You will be able to download it automatically and begin reading the book today!!

Life Balance – Love Your Life by Finding Mental, Physical, Emotional and Spiritual Abundance

Welcome to the Life Balance book website. Life Balance is going to be a guide to help you start living a healthy lifestyle. I believe that health entails more than just what we eat and whether we exercise or not. That is only one aspect of health. We also have mental, emotional and spiritual health to think about. In my book I will give you the tools and knowledge to have balance in these four key areas. This will help you overcome any barriers in life and help keep you moving forward. Life Balance book is now ready to ship worldwide. Thank you for all the support that made this dream a reality. Make sure to follow on social media and subscribe to the Newsletter to stay up to date.

Join the Life Balance FB Community

me2The Life Balance FB Community is a group for people who are looking to live healthier lifestyles. This a group where you can support each other and grow together. 

I will be doing weekly FB Live videos in the group, based on a chapter from the book, to help guide you on your journey to health. Feel free to join and let your friends know too. If you join before May 9th you will be entered to win a draw for a FREE copy of the book. I will also pay to ship it to you anywhere in the world. 

Join Here.

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