Introduction to Living a Healthy, Sustainable Lifestyle

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I believe that most, if not all, people want to live healthy lifestyles. There are many things that get in our way though. Time is the biggest factor as most people live such busy lifestyles and choose convenience over health. There are several other factors such as money, not knowing where to start, and just plain knowledge of how to be healthy.

I am here to show people that being healthy does not have to hard, expensive or time consuming. In fact, it can be easy, fun and affordable. I feel that with the right tools, anyone can make the move towards living a healthier lifestyle.

4 Areas of Focus for True Health

I would like to explain what I mean when I say healthy. When I use that word I do not just mean the food we eat or how much exercise we get. To me health is a lot more than that. I believe that to lead truly healthy lifestyles we must focus on 4 major areas of our lives. Those 4 areas are the Physical, Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual.

We cannot just workout and ignore the other 3 areas and expect to lead healthy lifestyles and reach our fullest potential. We must work on all 4 areas and have them working in harmony in order to be truly healthy and begin to live the lives we were meant to live. I believe that when all 4 of these areas of our lives are working harmoniously that life will become easier and that we will be able to manifest our goals with a greater efficiency.

Physical health, I believe can be divided up into two general areas. The food we eat and the exercise we get. The food and water we put into our bodies is of the utmost importance as it is the fuel that our bodies run on. If you think of your body as a vehicle then the food we put into it can be considered the fuel. Our bodies would run much better if being filled up on Premium instead of just Regular fuel.

Exercise, as related to the car analogy, can be seen as if you just leave your car parked all winter it most likely will not start when you go to use it in the spring. You need to drive it and maintain it on a regular basis in order to keep it performing at an optimal level.

Mental health is one area that people tend not to think about much. This area can cover things like your attitude, your mindset, the way you talk to yourself (yes we all do talk to ourselves), your thoughts and how you handle what life brings your way. All these areas affect how you act and how you perform in life. It is important to have a positive mindset to be able to handle the rough times and to not get egotistic in the good times.

Emotional health is rarely talked about, especially when it comes to the male sex. I know as for most of my life I have done my best to not show emotion even though I am a pretty emotional guy. It is important to not bottle up your emotions and to let them out and to be ok with how you feel and to be ok with other people knowing how you feel. Showing emotion is not a sign of weakness but instead actually a sign of great strength. Feeling emotions can be a powerful tool to manifest what you want out of life.

Spiritual health, I feel is quite the taboo subject. What does Spiritual even mean? Most people, when asked would give a different answer and some people do not even believe in the Spiritual. To me Spirituality means being aware of a higher power, a purpose for being here on the Earth and being aware of the bigger picture. Being aware that this higher power is here to support you and help you achieve all of your goals. When we tap into this power and allow it to come into our lives and support us, great things will begin to happen.

This article was meant as just a quick introduction into these areas and what they mean to me. I wanted to show the major areas of our lives that I believe we need to focus on in order to live healthy sustainable lifestyles.

I have decided to write a book on this topic where I will go into more detail of each topic and give tools on how to live healthy in each area. My goal behind the book is to give people the right tools and resources on how to make changes in their lives to be happier, more confident and healthier.

I am also designing an E-course where we can go on a journey of health together. I am still working on these areas of my life as well and have a ways to go, but I am most definitely on my way.

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