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8 Valuable Life Skills I’ve Learned Being an Empath

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I didn’t always know I was empathic. In my early years I was often labeled as “hyper-sensitive” or just plain crazy. What I discovered about myself, as I looked deeper into who I am on a soul level, was that I was picking up on the energy of others around me. I sensed things that others didn’t usually pay attention to, and as a result I appeared to “wear my heart on my sleeve”.


I’ve noticed that throughout my life, embracing my sensitivity and awareness of the world around me, has taught me some very valuable lessons.


My Intuition is My Ally.


Quite simply, the more I listen to my gut, the safe and happier I am. Intuition can speak to us in all kinds of ways and we all have it. For me, it’s been trial and error, learning to work with it. But, my intuition has always shown me that it is indeed my ally and is designed to keep me safe and help me open up to more happiness. The challenge is to not doubt it.


Sometimes our intuition is subtle. It’s that funny feeling when we overhear a conversation and just know someone is not speaking the truth. It can be the queasy feeling in your stomach when the doctor recommends a treatment, and it just doesn’t feel right for you.


Sometimes it’s not subtle at all and it’s easy to follow without thinking twice. Like the time I heard a loud voice shout “Stop!” while I was driving, approaching a yellow light at an intersection. I would normally have driven through, thinking I could make it across before the light turned red. But, when I heard that voice I slammed on my brakes and instantly watched the car next to me go through the intersection. Seconds later another car came speeding through and crashed right into it. It was crystal clear in that instant that if I had not listened to my intuition, I would have been seriously injured, and possibly killed.


The more you pay attention to how it is working for you, the easier it is to trust it as your loyal ally.


If My First Instinct is Not to Trust Someone, I don’t.


According to the Association for Psychological Science, our minds form a first impression in the blink of an eye. It happens so quickly that it’s difficult to measure exactly how quickly it happens. I believe this is because of the energetic resonance, or dissonance, we feel when we first meet someone new. In fact, if you’re highly “sensitive”and already in tune with your intuition, you may feel a person’s energy before you even meet them face to face.


I’ve learned that no matter what my family or society or other people say to try to convince me to trust someone or go along with something, I always listen to my instincts first. They never lie. Knowing that my intuition is my ally makes this a lot easier for my ego-self to handle, especially when it’s someone who is highly respected within a community or something like that.


I’ve been known to kindly decline service from a home repair man and politely ask for a different project to work on at fundraising events at my son’s school, even, when I get that uncomfortable feeling when I first meet someone.


It’s totally possible to be kind and compassionate while still keeping a distance from people who rub you the wrong way. It’s takes practice, but it’s worth mastering.


Knowing Myself and My Values Helps Me Distinguish Between My Energy and Others.


I’ve learned that it’s easy to absorb other people’s emotions, energies and identify with their projections when I’m not clear about how I’m feeling or what I value.


Have you ever felt totally confused when your feel a strong emotion? And wonder, where did that come from? You might consider taking a closer look at the possibility that the feeling you’re experiencing doesn’t really belong to you.


I often take a moment to check-in with myself throughout the day to see how I’m feeling and what I want in that moment. Knowing my core values helps stay clear, too. It takes daily commitment to improve my relationship with myself, and it keeps my energy clear when I’m with other people, especially people I’m close to.


When you don’t know how you feel or what you value in any given moment, it’s more difficult to discern between your energy and the energy of others. It’s that simple.


Learning to Effectively Communicate With Others Makes Life Easier.


If you are like me, more introverted and introspective, this may require a bit more dedication as communication with others may not be an inherent strength.


I’m always inspired by others who seem to speak elegantly, saying exactly what they mean and in a kind way that is easily understood by others. Being empathic, I’ve discovered that I get so much information from others on the unseen level that I don’t often speak up or say what I need to say. I’ve fallen into the misconception that people should just sense what I’m feeling or wanting, because that’s how I respond; to energy.


But learning to effectively communicate really does make life so much easier. There is an energetic integrity that radiates when we use our words to express what we are feeling or wanting. Saying what you mean and meaning what you say. It also opens up the channels for others to do the same, creating an environment of harmony and peace.


Being Sensitive to Your Own Needs Is Often More Important Than Being Sensitive to the Needs of Others.


I know that at face-value this may appear selfish. But it’s really not. It is honoring your relationship with another person so much that you are only willing to bring the best version of yourself to it.


This is self-care, self-acceptance and self- love. It’s being so in touch with what you need and willing to make yourself a priority. A natural side-effect of that? You release any expectations you may have of others to take care of your needs first.


When I honor and respect my own needs first, only then can my relationships flourish.


Letting Go is Liberating


This lesson builds upon the previous lesson of being sensitive to our own needs first. The space and time you free up by letting go of excessive obligations or clutter, the more free you will feel. Confusion feeds on busy-ness and too much-ness.


To be clear and connected with my True Self and my intuition, I’ve learned to make letting go of stuff a habit. I make monthly donations of household items I no longer use or clothes that my kids have outgrown to a local charity that benefits the families of military veterans. When I start to feel overwhelmed, I take a look at my schedule and see where I need to let go of things that are taking up time, just like Rodolfo has done here.


Letting go is a natural process that helps keep us mentally and physically healthy.


Vulnerability is a Great Source of Power


Being willing to be vulnerable doesn’t come naturally to me, especially as an empath. It often brings up emotional wounds of the past, which is why it’s essential to our spiritual growth and evolution.


It takes strength to be willing to fess up, to say I screwed up or I’m sorry, or even to simply share what you’re feeling deep down in a given situation. It requires faith and trust in another person, because you don’t know what they will do with your vulnerability. Your raw emotions could be criticized or you could end up hurt.


But being willing to be vulnerable with another person makes it possible to be intimate, and connect with them on a deeper level. It allows you to tap into the greatness and power of love.


Revealing a part of you that you’ve never released before causes any shame you been feeling to magically dissipate. And without the weight of shame on your shoulders, you’ll find that your thought become clearer and choices become easier to make. And that is powerful stuff!


The Heart is Wise Beyond Our Human Comprehension


I’ve learned that our heart is our divine center. I believe that it’s the space within us where our soul connects with our body and our physical environment. It’s like the vortex of peace and joy and love and happiness. It must be sensed with the Spirit, our Highest Self, in order to be fully appreciated and utilized.


“Sometimes the heart knows what the mind cannot explain.” Ranjeet


I started meditating years ago, but when I was intuitively guided to start meditating with my hands on my heart and really exploring the power of my heart chakra, I was blown away. Connecting with our heart is like a shortcut that leads you straight to the source of creation, God, the Universe, whatever you prefer to call it.


Anchoring whatever you do with your heart, seems to give it extra power. I place my hand over my heart when I’m worried about someone. Before every Tarot card reading I give, I place the cards over my heart. I don’t know how, but bringing my heart to it adds an element of magic to everything.


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