A Women’s Month Tribute – “From the Inside-Out: Strong is the NEW Sexy!”

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 We often get discouraged and do not see the connection of dots, due to social constructs and the white noise of expectations around us. Life experiences, how we think, and the paths we choose play important roles in our journey, discovery, and outcome. What is seemingly not connected is, and without the other part, the vision will not come to pass until the right time. You simply need the keys to open endless possibilities to your world. Let’s talk about it…

As women, we often start from the outside-in to fix outward appearance and other surface issues which seemingly allow us to compete with the outside world. When, in reality and truth, we should be working on ourselves from the inside-out. Doing so will set you apart from the “competition” and allow you to be and live the true you.

Where to start?

  1. Tune into YOUR Channel.

Living is anything but normal. Why do we try so hard to be/feel normal? What is normal and who defines it? Why do we buy-in?

Normalcy precludes individuality. Your normal should be based on you and no one else. Meet life with courage and vigor to be who you are. If you want to know how rich you are, find out how many things you have that money can’t buy. Contrary to popular belief, whether you are successful is not determined by your wardrobe, bank account, or possessions held. True life success is achieved through qualities and acts of substance, not paper or material things. It is achieved by conquering life fears, living, finding your purpose, and positively changing the lives of others.

  1. Divergent Thinking

Control and redirect your thoughts. Think and view life and your circumstance apart from the norm. Muhammad Ali said, “The man [/woman] who has no imagination, has no wings.” If you want to change the trajectory of your life, you must think differently. You will never be able to connect the dots and find purpose without accessing your imagination.

While you’re at it, reconsider your worth. Society has assigned a lesser worth to women, when we are worth more than the most precious jewels. Live and act like it. Reprogram your mind. You are a queen, regardless of your circumstance. You are royalty. Once you convince yourself, you can convince others and change your circumstance. Rule your space and respect yourself enough to believe in yourself. Time to live per your worth.

  1. Define Your Path

Times are changing. You must figure out how to operate in a dynamic environment. Conventional wisdom might help you outline your path but it will not help you define it. You must be willing to let go and try something different. Try being you.

Life is messy and imperfect because we are imperfect beings. We make choices based on emotion, experience and/or knowledge, which guide our action or inaction. Don’t get caught up in the decision, worry about the outcome or timing. Anytime can be your time if the right time. Enjoy the journey of living and define your path. Conquer life or it will conquer you.

  1. Balance Act

The act of balancing is an elusive endeavor. In all honesty, there is no such thing as balance in a dynamic human life, only shifts in time, energy, focus and scope of priority. The term itself gives a misleading impression of reality. Instead, manage your reality. Change your perception and seek right proportions that will allow you to manage and steady yourself in the ring of life. Creating the illusion of balance requires recognition, combination skills, conscious effort, and adjustments as needed in all aspects of your life, not just traditional health and wellness. Stay light on your feet and don’t allow the pressure of the ring to weigh you down. Self-awareness, development, and mindset are key.

  1. Find Your Purpose

What you do is not who you are until you find your purpose. You may get insight into who you are as you move through life and connect the dots; however, you will not truly know that person nor live that life until you find and understand your purpose. The very thing that makes you different makes you special. You have a gift, a purpose, that you were put on this earth to fulfill. Only you can fulfill it. Quiet your mind and figure out what it is. Until you find it, you will always feel a void in your spirit that you cannot fill with anything but the right thing. Find and walk your path to purpose.

It takes a strong person and one who is ready to understand and embrace the “inside-out” attitude. However, once you figure out you, your impossible will become possible. Strong is the NEW sexy! Be strong! Find and live the true you. Tune into your channel, remain open and receptive in your thinking, continue to define your path and connect the dots. Manage your reality and you will arrive at your purpose. Remember, nothing worthwhile ever comes easy and the only way out is through. It’s all a part of the journey of living. Your only competition is you. Love the skin you’re in!


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