About the Author

About the Author

         me   My name is Rodolfo Menjivar and I am the author of the “Life Balance” book. I have been wanting to write a book for a long time now and am so happy and excited to have finally begun this journey. I am a firm believer in constant learning and am always looking to learn, learn, learn. I am always enrolled in classes, watching documentaries or reading books. I love to devour knowledge and then pass that knowledge on to others.

            I myself have been on a personal journey of discovery and finding myself for the past 4 years. This journey has led me down many unexpected paths that I never dreamed about when I was younger. One of these paths is now being an author. This is a more recent dream of mine.

            This journey has taught me that in order to have healthy, loving relationships with others, we must first have this kind of relationship with ourselves. So I began to dive into this topic and absorb as much information as I could. I feel like I am now at a point where I am ready to help others have healthy, loving relationships with themselves.

            I am also a firm believer in the saying that says “You should teach about that which you need to learn the most.” This helps as when you are helping others through the same issues you are dealing with, you help yourself at the same time. This is due to a couple reasons. When you are able to explain things to others in a way that they understand you, it gives you a better understanding of the subject as well. Also, the “mirror” concept is huge. This means that all people in your life are mirror reflections to what lies in you. Your students reflect back to you what you need to see about yourself and sometimes the greatest lessons come from these mirrors.

            I make it a personal goal of mine to be in the classroom on a consistent basis. Whether this is an in person class or online does not matter. I know I could be in class for the rest of my life and I will still not have scratched the surface of what there is to learn. I love learning as it allows me to evolve and better serve others.

            I am also always reading books. 99% of them are non-fiction books as I find real life much more interesting than fantasy ever could be. I read on all sorts of topics. Lately my main topics on interest have been Health and Spirituality. I believe both are interrelated. I also love to read about History, Philosophy, Motivation, Business, and Biographies.

            I wanted to give a quick list of some of my favorite authors and how they have influenced me.

            Alan Watts is by far my favorite author and speaker. He was a philosopher, author, speaker and so much more. He would speak about spirituality, meditation, the meaning of life, the nature of man and woman and so much more. He had a way of taking the most complex ideas and making them so simple that a child could understand. I would recommend reading his book "The Book - On the Taboo Against Knowing Who You Really Are" to get an understanding of his work. His autobiography titled "In My Own Way" is a great look at how he lived his life. 

            Dr. Michael Newton is another of my favorite authors. He wrote "Journey of Souls" and "Destiny of Souls" among other books too. He is a hypnotherapist that would take his clients back to the time between their last death and the time that they came back to this life. These books are fascinating reads that opened my mind and allowed me to explore my own spirituality. They helped me better understand soul contracts, guides, and the spirit world. Definitely worth the read. 

          Graham Hancock is another great author that i admire. He is best know for having written "Fingerprints of the Gods" in which we gives evidence of an ancient, global civilization that pre-dates any civilization we are currently told about in mainstream academia. He gives a different version of history and the implications that this different timeline means to us. His work is much more than just historical. I believe it to also be spiritual as once we better understand our history we also better understand who we really are.

            I hope this little bio has helped you get to know me and the journey I am on a little better. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to leave a comment, leave a message or reach out however you feel appropriate.

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