Always Do Your Best

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Always do your best is one of the best rules to live our lives by. If we were all to live by this one simple rule our world would be a much better place.

One key aspect of the rule that I would like to point out is that my best is different from your best and your best is different from the next person’s best too. We should not judge others because they aren’t doing it how we would do it because they are totally different people. Everyone has different skills and different capacities and it is important to recognize this. Once we know what people’s capacities are then we have a better idea on if they are doing their best or not.

Another key aspect of this important rule is to recognize that your best will change as you change. For example, on a day that you are feeling awesome and energized, your best will be different from a day that you feel sick and can barely move. It is important to remember this when you do have days where you are not feeling 100% so that you do not get down on yourself. We go through ups and down and our best changes just like our feelings do.

One big lesson I have learned from doing a lot of personal development work is that we are all doing the best we can with what we have. I highly doubt anyone wakes up and says “I am going to make the worst possible decision I can today” and then goes and does it. It is easy for us to look back on our old actions and say I should’ve done it differently because we now know better. At the time though, we did our best with what we had and knew.

There are many times where we can let things get in the way of doing our best. It may seem contradictory to what I said above but it is possible for us to consciously choose to not do our best.

What this means is that we are aware we could make a better choice but still choose to make the “wrong” choice anyways. For example, when I was a heavy cannabis user I knew that when I used cannabis I would just want to relax and not do any work. There were times that I knew I had lots of work to do but would still choose to use cannabis instead. Then I would just lay around and not get anything done. This was an escape mechanism for me as I was clearly avoiding the work for a reason. This is an example of when I chose to not do my best.

In a way the “we are always doing our best with what we have” rule does still apply to my cannabis situation. The addiction and use of cannabis as an escape and avoidance mechanism is one of the things I have in life to deal with and I do my best to deal with that. I now rarely ever use cannabis in this way and my best has improved because of this.

I hope you guys are catching what I am throwing out with this blog post. It is important for us to always give it our all and important for us to know that our best will always be changing as we grow and evolve or as we also get sick too. It is also important to recognize our best will be different from everyone else’s best and to not hold ourselves to someone else’s standards.

Only you know what your best is and what you are capable of on any given day. You are the only one that will know whether you give it your all or if you are capable of going the extra mile.

Always remember, we are all doing the best we can with what we have.


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