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Examining Your Relationship With Food

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I’m curious, how do you approach your relationship with food?Do you approach it with guilt when you eat something you “shouldn’t” have?

Do you follow food rules to the tee, and then feel bad when you fall off the wagon OR say “Screw it!!!” and end up eating everything in the pantry?

Or maybe you find yourself mindlessly eating while you’re watching TV, and before you know it, you’ve destroyed that whole bag of chips, and you still don’t feel satisfied AND you feel super bloated the next day.

Perhaps you’ve tried every diet on the planet and although you’ve had success, you get frustrated with maintaining your weight, and you end up gaining it all back and maybe more.

Perhaps you are at the weight you want to be, but you’re still not happy with your body. Or maybe you are so scared of losing this body that you put all your time, energy and money into making sure you maintain it – but it comes from a place of fear rather than ease.

And some of you may relate to this annoying situation: If you and your husband go on a diet together and he loses weight just like that without really trying, and you can’t seem to budge very far.

You feel like those who do not struggle with food know something you don’t – as if it’s a secret that you haven’t discovered yet.

You wish you could just have a normal relationship with food, where there is no guilt, shame, embarrassment, hiding, punishment, numbing, dissociation, rebellion, out of control, (insert your own word here) attached to food.

Well, friend, I’ve got your back.

I’ve been exactly where you have been and it’s NO FUN.

Here are 5 mindful eating tips from an interview I had on Breakfast Television.

In case you’re more of a reader than a video watcher, or you’d like to have a written summary, I’ll sum it up for you here:

Here are 5 tips to learn how to eat mindfully:

1) Always have a positive mindset when it comes to eating. When we have negative thoughts, we are creating stress in our body, which turns on our flight or fight system, which in turn shuts off our digestive system. We then do not assimilate or digest food properly. Negative thoughts include feeling guilty about eating a “forbidden” food, creating a lot of tension in resisting food, feeling stressed about a situation and thinking about it while you eat. The following next steps will invite you to be more present.

2) Take “Body Love Nutrient O”, Oxygen. Take deep breaths before, during and after eating. Taking Body Love Nutrient O is the quickest way to shift your body from emotional to calm. So if you’re having trouble letting go of an issue, imagine putting it on a cloud and letting it float away.  You can always come back to it later if you choose, but for the meal, allow yourself to eat with peace.

3) Invite “Body Love Nutrient A”, Awareness. There is something called the Cephalic Phase Digestive Response. When we pay attention to the visual, aroma, taste, pleasure and satisfaction of a meal, this equates to forty to sixty percent of our digestive power. Wow! Can you imagine if we are not paying attention to our meal, there goes half our digestive power!

4) Body Love Nutrient S for Sit down and SAVOR SLOWLY. A meal should be enjoyed as it’s all about nourishing your body. We live in a culture where it is fast pace, rushed, and eating a meal can be a slow, peaceful experience. It may not be realistic to eat all your meals slowly and mindfully, but I believe each one of us can at least find time for one or two meals to do so.

5) Before eating, determine your physical hunger from emotional hunger. Just before you go for something to eat, mindfully check in with yourself and ask yourself, on scale of 1-5, 1= hungry and 5=full, what number at you at? If you are at a 1 or 2, then eat something nourishing. The goal is to try to eat to the point of energy, which is 4. Half way through your plate, ask yourself the same scaling question. Often times, we are mindlessly eating and “don’t want to waste the food” by finishing it all off our plate, yet we are past the point of 4. Give yourself permission to play with finding out what a 4 feelings like for you!

I hope this starts to get you thinking differently about your relationship with food! In a couple days, you will learn how to stop fearing food.

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