Faith in Humanity

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There are so many reasons to have faith in humanity. This post will be about the reasons why I will never stop believing that we are capable of working together to create a better world. I will give examples from my own life of how people show me how good they are. I will talk about my own examples of how far I have come and why I will never stop fighting for the good in people.

I have lived a life full of contrasting events. I have seen the worst in people and I have seen the best in people too. I have also seen “bad” people turn into “good” people and also seen people who claim to be good commit the worst acts. Even my own personal actions have a huge contrast of each other over the years. I never considered myself a “bad” person but I did definitely do some things that were bad. I definitely was not an angel as I matured into a young adult.

My life experience is a big part of the reason why I know that there is hope for the world and everyone in it. If I could go from some young punk who thought he could do whatever he wanted to someone who just wants to help others, then anyone can change for the better. I have definitely seen my share of trouble, fights, betrayal and run ins with police. There was a time where the only person I thought of was myself. I never thought of the bigger picture or of the effect my actions were having on other people.

I never even thought of my future or if I would still be around at 30. I am now 31. I feel like this is a big part of why, when I decided to change, I felt so lost for so long. For a big part of my life I wasn’t sure if I would still be around to even see 30. To be frank I don’t think I even cared. I didn’t know what my purpose in life was and I feel like that was the biggest reason why I acted how I did. It was much easier to pretend I didn’t care about what happened than to step back and ask myself why my life was how it was.

Even once I made the decision to stop selling drugs and change my life, yup I used to sell drugs, life didn’t all of a sudden become easy and awesome. If anything it became harder and more challenging.

The people who I thought were my friends began to fade away. I feel like there were many reasons for this happening. I consciously chose to distance myself from people who were still involved in that lifestyle. I also basically walked away with nothing except for my head on my shoulders. Meaning I was broke, I was no longer out every day paying for meals or drinks at the bar. I had never been so lost in my life.

I began working for someone who I felt could teach me a lot in life and help me move forward. I worked there a good 50-60 hours a week and also spent most of my free time there soaking in as much knowledge and wisdom as I could. He definitely wasn’t the most pleasant person to be around but he was like a walking encyclopedia that never stopped teaching.

I eventually quit this job because I couldn’t be around him anymore. The constant negativity was killing me. I had walked away from a negative lifestyle and didn’t need that kind of energy following me forward in life.

This is when life got really hard. I had no idea what I was going to do next. I thought I would just go hard at the network marketing business I was working on but then that got shutdown a couple weeks after I had quit my job. I was to where I was a year earlier. Broke, lost and not a clue as to what I would do next.

This is when I began to take some personal development classes. A couple friends of mine had been telling me about them for about a year but I never had the time to do it. I now had all the time in the world. When I finished that first class I knew I was exactly where I needed to be.

It has now been four years since I walked into that class and I’ve never really left the classroom. I continue to take classes to improve my life and to help myself become the best possible version of myself that I can be. I have also been steadily volunteering in the classroom to help others on their journeys of personal development too.

Being involved in this community has definitely changed my outlook on life, the world and most importantly on people. I have seen people of all ages, gender, color, size and what have you come through those doors to make a change. I have heard all kinds of stories of what people have been through in life and I thought I had had a rough life.

The common element I saw in each story was that no matter what people had been through, they refused to give up and they refused to let life turn their hearts black. They were still willing to put themselves out there and risk being hurt again. They were still willing to trust the next person even though the last person broke that trust.

What really got to me was the fact that they all also just wanted to help everyone around them too. They didn’t want to get back at the people who had wronged them. They just wanted to understand why it happened and what their role in all of it was. They were willing to forgive and move forward. They still have so much love and life to give no matter the age that they are.

These people were constantly working together to see who they could help next. They have started a Free Hugs program to help spread the love. They have started a Not for Profit charity to help others move forward in their lives. They have held numerous fundraisers to help their community and those around them.

They have taught me about how similar we all really are. We all come from different places and have different stories but deep down we are all the same. We all just want to have a safe, loving world for everyone to live in. We want to be happy and feel loved.

They have shown me that people can be trusted and that people can work together and have it actually work out. Working with other people has always been a big NO in my life as I never trusted people enough to keep their end of the deal. I now seek out others to work with and love that they too have shown me that it can work out.

I have started having guest write blogs for this website and I feel like this outreach is the start of something magical. Even for the book I just finished, it is finished now, I worked very closely with one of my good friends to complete. I know moving forward in business I will definitely not be going at it alone. I have had others reach out to me as well and offered their support to me. It has been kind of overwhelming as this is all new to me still.

I have had people surprise me with how appreciative they have been of what I am doing and with words of support. I never go too long without someone approaching me telling me to keep doing what I do because it is making a difference. It always comes from people I had no idea even read my blog or watch my videos. They never comment or like or what not but they are watching. They inspire me the most because I know it will make the biggest difference for them.

I feel like I have kind of gotten away from what this blog was originally going to be about. Faith in humanity. This is what all these people have taught me though. That no matter who we are or what we have been through, we will never give up and will never allow ourselves to be corrupted. We will continue to spread love and lead by example. The world needs us to step up and shine our lights. We are the lightworkers that will usher in a new way of being. We will never stop. That is why I have faith in humanity, because of these people and all the people in the world like them.

Stay Free. Stay Curious.


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