Inspiration From FC Barcelona

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There are so many reasons for why I love to watch Barcelona play soccer, the beautiful game. Today I just want to talk about one of those reasons. Inspiration. They are a direct source for inspiration in my life. Watching them do things, which most soccer players only dream of, every week is amazing. Watching them pull off amazing victories is a true testament to the beauty of our souls. Also, hearing the stories of the different players on the team gives me the courage to go after my own dreams.

For fans of FC Barcelona, we are truly blessed to be watching today what might be the best team ever made in club competitions. Yes I am a huge and yes I might be a little biased but there is no denying that they are they are an amazing team.

They have three of the biggest scoring threats in the world leading their offensive charge. The current season is the third season that Messi, Suarez, and Neymar have been playing together. In their first season they smashed the old record of goals scored by any trio, and they also lead Barcelona to their second European treble. No easy feat, In their second season they again broke their own record for most goals by any trio.

The things that these three players do every time they step on the field is amazing. Neymar has some of the quickest feet in the world and has an insane bag of tricks to go with his speed. A nightmare for any defender that has to defend him 1on1.

Suarez is just a scoring machine. If that ball drops anywhere in the 18 yard box near Luis Suarez, you can put good money that that ball is going to find the back of the net. Last year he won the Golden Boot for scoring the most goals of any player in European soccer. To top that off, he also had the most assists in La Liga. So not only does he put them away, but he also helps setup his teammates too.

Messi. I feel like I do not even have to talk about the things this man does. He has won 5 Ballon D’or trophies as the the world’s best player. More than any other player in the history of the game. He is simply the best. Whether it is the goals, assists, change of speed, or any other amazing feat he pull in a game, he is just a wonder to watch. Every season he continues to break record after record and is still playing in the prime of his career.

This trio is a thrill to watch when they are playing their best. The way they support each other and move together is amazing. It is like they can read each other’s minds and know what the other is going to do before he does it. It almost seems like they can score at will. They have been striking fear into teams all across Spain and all of Europe for the last three seasons. When these three guys are running at you, you better hope for a miracle to stop that ball from going in the net.

Barcelona do not have the biggest budget in Spain, although they are definitely a small budget team. They have to compete directly with their fierce rivals Real Madrid, who do have the biggest budget in Spain. It is a rivalry that gives me inspiration because Barcelona is doing so well despite being the smaller of the two clubs. They do not fear Real Madrid and in the Messi era, they have been quite a lot more trophies than their rivals. They have been dominating Spain and are always competitive in Europe too.

One team in Europe recently found out just how amazing and inspiration this team can really be. On March 8, 2017 soccer fans around the world were treated to the most amazing comeback victory ever in the history of Champions League soccer. Barcelona were behind 4-0 to PSG after the first game and needed to win this game by 5 goals in order to advance to the next round. Nobody believed they could pull it off. Everyone had counted them out and we’re already talking about how things had gone terribly wrong for a team that is expected to always advance. Everyone wanted to kick them while they were down and have fun at their expense. No team had ever mounted a comeback from a 4 goal deficit and Barcelona would be no different. That was the talking point heading into the game.

Nobody believed in them. Nobody except for their millions of fans and except for FC Barcelona themselves. The team was full of hope, faith, motivation and belief that if any team in the world could do mount this comeback that it would be them. The coach believed his players could do it and the players believed they could do it. Their fans definitely did not give up hope and when it came to game day there were almost 100, 000 fans in attendance to show their team that they believed in them 100% to the end.

The game started exactly how Barcelona wanted it to start. Inside the first three minutes they had already taken a lead through a Luis Suarez goal. They added another five minutes before halftime to make it 2-0 at half. The 2nd half started just as well as the first and they were quickly up 3-0 after a Lionel Messi goal. With 40 minutes left in the game, they just need one more goal to send the game to overtime or two more to win it.

Then came the PSG away goal. This is a big reason why no one, other than Barcelona and their supporters, believed they could pull of the comeback. In this tournament, away goals count for two, in the case of a tie. So with PSG scoring the away goal, Barcelona now had 25 minutes to score three more goals. PSG celebrated that goal, as if they had won the title itself. With the PSG goal, it was now PSG leading 5-3 on aggregate. Barcelona needed to score three goals in order to advance. Two goals to tie would not cut it because of the away goal in PSG’s favor. They had to score three!!

In the next 20 minutes there were chances for both teams to score but neither could find the back of the net. Then came the craziest seven minutes I have ever witnessed while watching soccer. Neymar scored one of the best free kick goals you will see in the tournament this year. He scored in the 88th minute with two minutes to go in regular time. Then in the 91st minute Neymar scored again from the penalty spot. It was now 5-5 with regular the time on the clock clicking down. Barcelona needed that extra goal and had only four minutes left to do it in. The referees had decided to add five minutes of extra time at the end of the game.

Then came the moment that made the soccer world go absolutely crazy!!! Barcelona had a free kick to take with less than one minute left to play. Neymar stepped up to take it. He delivered the ball into the box and it was quickly headed out by a defender. It came right back to Neymar though. He faked one defender out and brought the ball to his left foot. He took a couple steps forward and lobbed the ball into the box..

Sergi Roberto got free from his defender, ran in and threw a leg out. The ball goes into the net and the stadium absolutely erupts!! The players and management are going absolutely crazy and the energy was unreal. Never before had there ever been witnessed a comeback like this. I was at my friends place watching the game and as soon as that ball went in the net we were jumping around going crazy too. What it must have felt like inside that stadium must have just been unimaginable. I will always remember this game and how it made me feel.

One of the biggest reasons, for myself, why this was so inspiring is because of who scored that winning goal. Sergi Roberto. He isn’t as big a name as Messi, Suarez, and Neymar are but he is a big part of Barcelona. He will forever go down in Barcelona history for scoring this goal but things haven’t always been this amazing for him.

Sergi Roberto is a graduate of Barcelona’s La Masia. This is their highly touted youth academy that produced such greats as Messi, Iniesta, and Xavi. The academy isn’t producing as many big profile players anymore and Barcelona has instead been purchasing their big players. This had made it much harder for their graduates to land permanent spots with the first team.

Sergi has been a fringe player for Barcelona for most of his career. Sergi spent 14 years playing in La Masia before being promoted to their first team. Barcelona has a wealth of talent in the middle of the field and have produced some of the greatest midfielders to ever play the game. Sergi is a midfield player by trade and this is a big reason why it has been so difficult for him to break into the first team. When there are players like Xavi, Iniesta, and Busquets around then it will be difficult for anyone in the world to challenge them for spots.

It hasn’t been until last season that he started getting regular playing time with Barcelona and that was only due to him switching positions. Roberto was switched over to start playing as a right back. A Defender. This is where Barcelona needed help and this is where the chance he had been waiting for would come. He has been more than willing to take on the new responsibility and do his best to earn playing time. Many people have been big critics of his play, constantly saying that Barcelona need to bring in someone to fill that spot. Criticising Roberto’s play, size and other things.

Sergi has never stopped working and has never stopped believing. He has been given the total support of the coach and team. He has even had offers to go play somewhere else, promised to have a lot more playing time than he gets at Barcelona. He always said no and said that we would stay at Barcelona and fight for his spot.

This season he has received more playing time than ever before. He has shown and proved his worth to the coach and to his teammates. He has produced some amazing performances this year and has shown why his coach has so much faith in him.

Of course, there will probably never again be such an amazing goal that he scores in his career but I am sure we have not seen the last of Sergi Roberto. I am sure he will continue to big an important play for FC Barcelona in the years to come. He has shown that if you work hard, believe in yourself and in your dreams then nothing is impossible!!!

So until next time. Stay Free Stay Curious.


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