Natural Remedies.

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I spent the last few days feeling sick and this is what inspired me to write this blog. I feel that Mother Nature has given us everything we need to recover from any illness that we come down with. We just have to be open to it even being possible and be willing to do the research to find what will help for our specific situation.

It is the middle of winter here in Edmonton, where I live, and it seems like everywhere I went I was running into people that were sick or getting sick. I was sure that it would not happen to me. Then sure enough on January 31 I too got sick. It started at just a runny nose and then to a cold, low energy, sore throat and a cough. I never go to the doctors unless I am bleeding so I decided I would just use some things I had around the house.

I started by taking shots of apple cider vinegar. It does not taste good at all but it definitely made a big difference. I had a soccer game the first night I got sick and needed something that would help me feel good enough to be able to play. Apple cider vinegar has many benefits to it and is known to give a boost to the immune system to help it fight off bugs. That was just what I needed to play soccer that night.

I also started spraying colloidal silver into my throat as soon as I felt the sickness coming. Silver is a known antiviral and also has anti-bacterial properties. It will help kill any bugs in your mouth and throat.

I usually start my day with a smoothie and this did not change while I was sick. I would always feel better after having my morning smoothie. I experimented with different mixes each day to see what results I would get. You can learn about the different benefits of fruits and vegetables and other extras, like apple cider vinegar, in my Free e-book that is available when you sign up for my newsletter on my home page.

I then also made a pot of ginger water. I added some cinnamon for extra flavor and also added raw honey for its benefits as well. Ginger is a powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant. Honey helps to soothe the throat and make it feel better. This brew was the icing on the cake. I am now almost back to normal without having to take any drugs at all. It took more work than what opening a bottle and popping some pills would take but it was totally worth it.

If you have any similar stories on how you like to fight illness by using natural remedies I would love to hear them. Leave a comment or you can email me at

Until next time. Stay Free. Stay Curious.

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