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It’s Spring time and for many of us, this is the time of year when we start to let go of the old and heavy and embrace light and renewal . We’re releasing heavy jackets and boots for light coats and shoes. We’re releasing the inertia of hiding in our warm homes for fresh air and outdoor adventure. The days are getting longer and with that, our outlook becomes a little brighter.

Along with releasing “stuff” I’d like to encourage you to consider what else you might be ready to release? Unsupportive relationships, negative self talk, beliefs that hold you back are just a few to examine. These may not seem as obvious as the winter jacket but the difference you will experience in letting go of things and people that no longer serve you can be profound……..and maybe a little scary.

For the purposes of this article let’s delve a little deeper into the idea of releasing unsupportive beliefs. Belief is defined as: 1. an acceptance that a statement is true or that something exists. 2. trust, faith or confidence in someone or something. With that in mind it’s easy to see how unsupportive beliefs can wreck havoc in our lives and relationships.

Let me give you an example. If you grew up in a home where statements like “money can’t buy happiness” or “rich people are selfish” were a part of the conversation you may experience challenges with money. When you have abundance you may become fearful because there’s an underlying belief that people will have a negative response to you OR you may spend your entire life working, struggling and never getting ahead simply because you are unconsciously thwarting your financial success. Is it true that rich people are selfish? Some are, for sure, but just as many are generous, giving and kind people. Can money buy happiness? Maybe not, but it sure helps make life a little easier by giving us access to things like a place to live, a phone to talk on and food to enjoy and that in turn might make us a little happier.

Examples like this are pretty common and definitely worth considering when we find ourselves stuck in patterns that hold us back. This is when it’s important to remember that a belief is not a fact but rather an agreement (with yourself or others) that something is true. With that in mind why not be open to playing around with your beliefs when you find yourself stuck, unfulfilled or in a place that does not serve your highest good.

Beliefs that hold us back can be big or small. You’ll know it’s worth investigating when it causes you to doubt yourself, fear others and their reactions or holds you stuck in a pattern that drags you down. The current political climate around the world shows us the challenges that present themselves when we are so set in our belief that we become rude and disrespectful to others whose beliefs don’t mirror our own.

So how do we address these challenges and find a sense of personal peace? The first step is to acknowledge that what we believe is simply that. A belief that has formed to guide us. A supportive belief feels light and has an energy of moving forward. An unsupportive belief is likely to leave us feeling frustrated, angry and disconnected from our highest self. This can take some effort because many of our beliefs stem from early on. From parents, teachers, clergy and friends who, with one word or comment can implant an idea that becomes a story and ultimately a belief.

It’s important not to spend a great deal of time on this awareness. Does it really matter why you feel pained, overwhelmed or angry? No. What matters is your willingness to release. Forgive yourself for believing  you benefit from this and consciously let it go but remember, the universe doesn’t like a vacuum and once you let one thing go, another is going to take it’s place. Be sure you are aware of what you’d like to replace it with. It’s not about selling yourself on a new belief by repeating it over and over. Your power is in becoming that new belief consciously until the subconscious accepts it and is guided by it. So instead of being overwhelmed you might shift to being relaxed. Instead of being pained why not be soothed? Instead of being angry why not try on being satisfied?

Get support where necessary and continue to learn so you can become the greatest version of yourself for yourself and those around you. And if you think this seems complicated, maybe it’s time to allow shifts to happen with ease. It works for me and I believe it will work for you too. I also believe you’re worth it. Do you?
Peace & Love


Julie Thulin is a Belief Re-patterning®  Practitioner, a Certified Angel Card Reader, a speaker, writer and coach. She uses these modalities as well as her intuitive abilities to support and empower others in living the life of their dreams. Through one on one and group sessions, Julie has the ability to help others see their greatest selves and develop the skills and habits that support them in showing this to the world. Clients have described her as passionate, uplifting and pure joy and love.

You can connect with Julie by phone 780-434-5446, text 780-975-2972, email, Facebook – Feel Good Friday, or check out her Feel Good Friday website. 

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