The Importance of Support

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Support is one of the most important tools to have if you want to life a healthy, balance lifestyle. Life can be a hard mountain to climb if you do not have people helping you climb. There are always people that are willing to help if we are willing to ask. Asking for help can be difficult. I know it definitely is for. Let’s face it though, life is a lot more fun when we are able to go at it with the help of our friends and family.

I have been really blessed in my life to have a wonderful support system. Some of the people who have supported me the most didn’t even need me to ask them. They just do it out of the kindness of their hearts. One of the biggest supporters I have had in life is my mom. She hasn’t always supported my ideas and we haven’t always seen eye to eye on how I choose to live my life. This never caused her to stop supporting me though. I feel like this is one of the biggest lessons there is to learn about both giving and asking for support. You do not have to agree with what the person is doing in order to support them.

Support them because they believe in them and because you care about them. That is what really matters and that is what true support looks like. Support shouldn’t have conditions attached to it. If you are able to support someone then do it. It will mean the world to them as they would not be asking if they didn’t need the help. Even if you see someone struggling that hasn’t asked for help, you can still lend a hand. You will help them out and it will also make you feel better at the same time. There is a great vibe that comes with helping others.

There have definitely been other people, other than my mom, who have supported me throughout my life. My sisters have always been there for me since day one too. Like my mom, they haven’t always agreed with my ideas or how I choose to live my life but that never stopped them from supporting me.

I have a whole community of friends who have supported me too. There are people that I have known since I was in high school that have been a huge help to me. People that I do not see very often, sometimes not even once a year, but that always seem to be there when I need help. That is the wonderful part about having people that care about you and that want to see you succeed. You do not need to see each other, or talk to each other, very often but that connection is always there.

There are friends that call me out to go eat and tell me not to worry about money because they know money is tight right now. They just want spend time and be in my company. That is a huge support as it allows me to get away from my work and worries and just be. Helps me know that I am supported and that there are people who care about me.

Other friends who just automatically support everything I do just because it is me. They “like” everything I post and share my stuff. They tell other people about it and ask me questions. I have people private msg me words of encouragement. I also have people come up to me in person and tell me how much they like what I am doing and to keep on going. This really helps me, as I think about what these people say on the days when it gets tough. This is what keeps me moving forward when things get rough or when I want to give up.

People who offer feedback to me are supporting me in a tremendous way. They allow me to see what does and doesn’t work. They give me a new perspective to look from. I appreciate all kinds of feedback from people and never take things personal. It is what allows me to grow and make changes to better help others. It allows me to perfect what I do and move forward at a better pace.

Support comes in so many different shapes and sizes. I have barely even begun to scratch the surface on ways I have been supported in my journey so far. People often even tell me to just let them know what I need and I got it. It is a wonderful feeling to have. The best feeling I have experienced is when people help you and you know they want absolutely nothing in return. They just want to see you succeed and reach your goals. I truly am blessed.

There are many times where support doesn’t come as easy as everything that I just mentioned. These are the times where I need to stretch and get outside of my comfort zone by asking for support. Asking people for help is definitely outside of my comfort zone. All my life I have prided myself on being able to do things by myself. I saw it as a sign of weakness to not be able to do it on my own.

These are the times where things are the roughest though and when I need support the most. Times when people may not know what I am going through and so cannot offer their support. I like to keep things to myself, especially emotional stuff, and that means people won’t always know what is going on. This is where I need to ask. Even though it is not easy, it benefits me more if I just ask. It will help me get through my shit faster and help keep me moving forward instead of being stuck.

People want to help. It is part of human nature that we want to help those around us. We cannot help if we do not know that something is going on. This is why asking for support is so important. Also, knowing who to ask for the support you need is just as important. If you need a quiet night in with someone to talk to it would probably not be the best idea to ask your friend who is always loud and always wants to go out. They might be someone you turn to when you have an important soccer game you want to win.

Writing this helped me realize how blessed I am to have such amazing support in my life. Without this support in my life I would never have made it to where I am today. I would never have wrote my book or made the impact that I have. I am just getting started too. I have big plans for the near future and for down the road too.

I have a feeling that if you are reading this right now then you have supported me in some way. I would like to say Thank You and let you know that I really appreciate it!! It means the world to me to have people like you in my life. If there is anything I can do to help you just let me know.

Until next time. Stay Free. Stay Curious.


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