Thank You All!!!

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This week’s blog is going to be special. Special to me and I hope you find it to be special too. I am writing this blog to give thanks to everyone who has supported me on my journey and helped me get to where I am. Giving thanks to everyone who came out to the release and made me feel special. Thanks to everyone who has been in contact with me over the last few months and has given me support. Support comes in many different ways and I appreciate every single effort made.

There were definitely plenty of times over the last year when I felt like things weren’t going to work out or where I felt helpless and at my ropes end. However, every time that I felt like that there was someone who came along and changed that. There were people who sent me messages telling me that they love what I do and to keep on going. There were people who shared my videos and my blogs because they liked them and felt they could help the people that would see them.

There were people that saw the kind of situation I was in and offered their support. They offered me to help support me while I worked on getting closer to my dreams. They gave me the time and freedom to do what I needed to do without having to worry about anything else.

It has felt magical and almost unreal the amount and kinds of support I have received in the last year. There has also been the spiritual support that I have received from my angels and guides. Some might think that that isn’t real or cannot be proven but I would say it is 100% and does not need to be proven. It is felt by the heart and the heart never lies.

The spiritual support has just been by sending me signs and messages that I am exactly where I need to be at the exact moment I need to be there. Also, by bringing the right kind of people around me at the right time that will help elevate me to the next level. I am a firm believer that we are all here for a reason and that all of our lives have a purpose. It is up to us to find that reason and start to live in alignment with our purpose for being here.

When we begin to do that, the universe will also begin to align the stars in our favor. We will start to meet the right people and will start to be in the right place at the right time. We will feel as if we are going with the flow of things instead of against them. Life will become fuller and more meaningful.

There will also be rough times along this path that will be there to test us. To test how badly we really want to change and how bad we really want to live our purpose. Are we going to give up at the first sign of trouble or are we willing to do what it takes and sacrifice everything in order to step into our true purpose for being. This is when we must persevere and do whatever it takes to keep moving forward.

Hard work, faith, trust and willpower will pay off in the end. They will be rewarded justly if we show that we are willing to do what it takes.

I am truly in awe of how many different people have stepped up to help me in my time of need. There are people that I just met a few months ago that have made the biggest difference in my life. There are people that I have known since a teenager that have always been there for me. There are people that have been there my whole life and have had my back since day one.

It has been crazy how I do not need to see people on a regular basis or even talk to them every day but they are always there when needed. Everyone has their own journey and mission in life and we do not have to be around each other every day in order to be there for each other. If you know someone is in need and you are able to help then do so. I feel like this is a big reason of why so much support has come my way. I have done my best over the last few years to give back to a world that I have taken so much from.

So to everyone that helped me in any way, whether it was a simple text message, financially, a hug when I needed one or whatever it was, I say Thank You!! Without you I would have never made it to where I am today and would never have made it to a position in life where I am able to help others. You have not only helped me but you have also helped all the people that I will be able to help. That simple act of support and kindness will be felt throughout the lives of many people.

Thank You!!!!

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