What You Put Out Will Always Come Back

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 There is a rule I was told about as a kid. Do unto others as you want done unto you. The Golden Rule. Growing up I always thought this was just another fairy tale made up by grown-ups to try and get us to behave how they wanted us to behave. It wasn’t until recent, well into my adulthood, that I truly understood what this rule was all about.            Everything that we put out into the world will eventually come right back to us. If we are putting out anger, violence and dishonest acts, we are going to get all of that in return. If we are putting out love, trust and acts of kindness, we will get that back in return.

This may sound like karma but I am not talking about karma. I believe karma deals more with our actions over several lifetimes. I am focusing more on our actions in this lifetime and in this very moment.

I believe that the outer world is just a reflection of our inner worlds and that we create our own realities. By being able to understand this concept then one can understand that what we put out has to come back to us. Where else could it go? If we do truly create our own realities and we are all connected then what we do to others and the world, we are truly doing to ourselves. Whether we are aware of this fact or not does not matter. It is a universal law that operates outside of what we believe in.

I can give some examples from my own life to demonstrate what I mean. When I was younger and I went around starting trouble all the time, I had a lot of trouble come my way too. I was always looking for fights and seeing what I could get into next. I was involved in a high risk lifestyle where lots of people ended up hurt. Not just physically hurt but also financially, mentally, emotionally and I’m sure there were other pains too.

As I lived this kind of lifestyle I also had many things come my way that were along the same lines as what I was doing to others. There were times that I got beat up. There were times that I lost good amounts of money, was betrayed, and was hurt more than just physically. There weren’t many people that I trusted and I was definitely stressed and paranoid a lot of the time.

Now as I have worked on my personal evolution over the last few years I have changed what I am putting out into the world. I started by changing the way I lived my life. I gave up getting into trouble and started to look for ways that I could those around me instead of hurting them. I also made the decision to start working on making myself a better person. I could not change what I was putting out into the world if I didn’t change who I was first.

I now do my best to only put out positivity, knowledge, support and love. I volunteer when I can. I support charities when I can. I help other people in their own personal evolution whenever I can. I support people in whatever way I can and am always willing to help others become better too. I stopped drinking as I always did things I wasn’t proud of when I was drunk too. I have completely changed my behavior and who I was.

By making all these changes to my behavior and to who I am, I have also changed the kind of experiences I have. Now instead of receiving betrayal, violence and other negative effects, I receive unlimited support, love and friendship.

In the last six months I have especially been overwhelmed by how much support I have received. It has been amazing. I have received absolutely everything I have needed when I needed it and not a minute too late. Everything I have asked for I have received.

I have definitely felt the stress of not knowing how I would accomplish something, or where the money for A and B would come from but I never lost faith and trust that it would happen. I never gave up and I never stopped moving forward. I took the first step without being able to see the rest of the stair case and just trusted that the next step would be there when my foot moved forward. Trusted that God would not let me fall and would help me climb higher than I could even imagine.

It hasn’t been until these past few months where I really understood this concept. Now that I see the fruits of my labor coming to fruition. It is much easier to believe when you see the results. It is tough when you keep putting out kindness, support and other positive efforts and do not see the fruit right away. This could just be a test to make sure your intentions and motives are in the right place.

To anyone that is going through this and wondering if their labor will ever pay off, I can say that yes it will. Just keep moving forward, keep supporting others and never give up. Never stop believing and having faith that everything will work out. What you put out will come back to you. It can be no other way.

Stay Free. Stay Curious.


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